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Creative Opinions: Unpacking the “Cannes of Worms” at Cannes Lions 2018

Sovrn Advertising Team // June 28, 2018


Cannes Lions 2018 was a more reserved affair than perhaps we were used to, but it was no less inspiring. Indeed, many found the atmosphere this year to be a little more relaxed and a little more open. Whether this was by happenstance or design, it resulted in a festival that shaved away a lot of the unnecessary pomp and circumstance and focused on exactly what we are all about here at mCreativepool; the work.

To reflect on what we learned from the festival this year, and what it has still to teach us, I reached out to those that attended this year. Their thoughts are as eclectic (and often incendiary) as the various pieces of work that were celebrated and rewarded this year, but they all seem to agree that this year was very much a year of change for the festival.  A transitionary year, if you will. It’s also a year that revealed two pervasive themes; how creativity and technology are becoming inexorably linked, and a genuine drive for change, both societal and within the industry.


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