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CMPs for Publishers: a Comparison Guide

Sovrn Advertising Team // July 10, 2018


We’re only a few months into GDPR with many publishers still struggling with GDPR compliance and falling short of their obligations. Others, notably US publishers such as the Chicago Tribune and LA Times, are sidestepping the issue altogether and continuing to block European visitors.

What is clear is that the stringent requirements of GDPR have made things much more complicated for publishers, especially those working with multiple ad tech partners and who now need to obtain user consent for each one.

Publisher-centric exchange, Sovrn, recently conducted a study of free and paid for CMPs found across the top 200 UK Alexa sites (excluding CMPs that are publisher-specific or are not IAB supported) and rated each one against a top 10 feature set, defined based on conversations with publishers in the UK and US.


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