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IPA Bellwether Q2 2018: The UK Ad Industry Reacts

Sovrn Advertising Team // July 27, 2018


The latest IPA Bellwether report released last week shows that brand marketing budgets have increased again. Yet despite the consistent growth since Q4 2012, this last quarter saw the lowest increase since Q1 2016, an amber warning for publishers and brands alike.

The Q2 report pointed to a drive in digital advertising, with upward revisions to budgets matching the Q2 2017 nine and a half year peak. Search and SEO increased by 11% while mobile marketing remained at a similar level from the last quarter (-0.7%)

Increased total marketing spend was supported by new product and service launches, overall business growth and increased optimism towards future opportunities. Furthermore, there were reports that increased competitiveness had driven firms to boost marketing in order to attract new clients and sustain market share.

So, what does the UK ad industry think about the latest report? We asked a number of leading ad executives how they viewed the latest Bellwether findings.


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