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What Managers are Really Struggling With and How They Overcame It

Sovrn Advertising Team // June 22, 2018


We’ve all been there. A sticky situation comes up with your team on a Monday, and you’re still Googling random management advice by Friday, trying to parse through the fluffy “insider” tips to find actual insight from actual great leaders.

Because great leaders don’t look for Band-Aid solutions. Great leaders go deeper into what is really going on – what emotions are driving their employees, and what perceptions might need to be adjusted.

We want to hear from people in the trenches about what keeps them up at night – and what actionable advice they have for managers in the same boat.

So, we asked them. Here’s what seven people managers are really struggling with – and how they overcame it.

For Teri Keller, VP of People at Sovrn Holdings, this challenge hits close to home. Her team was small and had to wear many hats to deliver on what the company needed from them – and she had to break her team from traditional “HR textbook” way of thinking.


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