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Sovrn Releases Connect to Help Publishers Grow their Business

Sovrn Advertising Team // August 13, 2018


Sovrn, which offers products and services to more than 25,000 independent online publishers, announced today the official release of Connect, a unified mechanism to simplify the installation, management, and reporting of multiple products and functionality on publisher sites.

Publishers adopting Connect will immediately get access to three of Sovrn’s core products with a single line of code: Signal Reload (Viewable Engagement Time); Header Complete, Sovrn’s full-service header bidding wrapper; and Sovrn Consent Management, (CMP for GDPR compliance). These and other products are now available via Connect, with more following soon. Publishers need only implement a single line of code on their page in order to use, configure, and manage one or more of these Products.

More than 180 publishers are now using Connect, each with at least one of Sovrn’s products enabled. With the general availability of Connect, all publishers now have an easy way to test and deploy additional products: they simply log into their Sovrn dashboard and activate them. If they don’t like the performance, they can simply pause or disable the products with a click.


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