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Jumpstarting Time-Based Transactions

sovrnmarketing // November 20, 2017


We’ve long talked about taking viewability to the next level, and that’s dynamically serving ads in view—being proactive about viewability means truly transacting on it. I was reminded of this when I grabbed coffee with Sovrn CMO Andy Evans the last week. The engaged-time stall-out was heavy on both our minds, so we discussed Signal, which Sovrn acquired in 2016 (bringing Evans into the fold).

Dynamically serving ads in view via programmatic channels and then measuring the engaged time (not just time in-view, but correlated with some kind of engagement, such as scrolling) is a gateway to an engaged-time metrics. Take the next logical steps—selling these through private marketplaces with an attached guarantee of price or spend (what the kids are calling programmatic guaranteed)—and the road ahead becomes clear. Buyers have an easy transaction mechanism.


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