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UK Viewable Impressions Reach New Highs

sovrnmarketing // April 24, 2018

The results come hot on the heels of a study by publishing technology firm Sovrn which found that below the fold adverts are ‘9 times more engaging than above the fold’. The study looked at over three billion engagement events covering 130 million page views, across more than 400 sites.

The research showed that below the fold (BTF) ad users were actively engaged for 27% of viewable dwell time, while above the fold (ATF) ad users were actively engaged for just 3% of viewable dwell time. Metrics also revealed that BTF ads are seen for 2.6 times longer than those ATF, offering far higher levels of engagement. With ATF placements costing significantly more, advertisers could be increasing engagement and saving budget by swapping to BTF placements.

Andy Evans, CMO at Sovrn commented, “Currently the industry prioritizes viewability, or dwell time as a metric, but our research has highlighted that this is leading advertisers to make potentially costly decisions about their audience.”


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