Power to the publishers

Sovrn helps publishers do more of what they love, and less of what they don’t

Sovrn believes that independent publishers make the internet great. They produce the content we depend on for information, commerce, and entertainment, and we make products that reward their dedication. We provide tools, technologies and services to tens of thousands of independent publishers, helping them make money, grow their audiences, and access a massive data commons that provides extraordinary insights.

We’re publisher advocates. That means not only do we give publishers the tools they use to thrive, but we offer services that simplify the labyrinthine world of content networks, ad tech vendors, and buy- and sell-side companies. Our goal is straightforward: help publishers do more of what they love and less of what they don’t.

That’s why we offer digital advertising products and services to publishers of all sizes: everything from standard ad tags to header bidding and intelligent, industry-leading viewability technology, as well as professional ad ops services and flexible financial solutions.

We believe in our mission, and we believe in the products we make. Since 2006, Sovrn has achieved the highest possible certifications in transparency and anti-fraud metrics from TAG, Jicwebs, and the IAB, and has helped over tens of thousands of independent publishers earn the revenue they deserve.

For publishers

We empower independent voices

We believe in the value of passionate content creators, their connections to readers, and the synergy this brings to advertising partners. Independent, interest-based publishers make the internet a better place. That’s why Sovrn works with more than 2,000 direct publishers, each individually vetted to ensure Sovrn ad buyers get prime access to the best advertising opportunities on the web.

  • High-quality, niche publishers give ad buyers access to engaged, responsive readers, simplifying and diversifying campaign targeting to give brands the reach they need
  • We have the most engaged audiences around. From foodies to football fans, our readers are invested in the content they’re passionate about
  • Display, mobile, and video campaigns benefit from advanced audience build-outs through our first-party data collective

For advertisers

Sovrn gives advertisers more of what they love about programmatic, with fewer risks

The best brands deserve the best programmatic partners. Sovrn removes pain points associated with programmatic to make campaigns more successful.

  • The Sovrn 25-step site quality evaluation audits a wide range of metrics, including content quality, content originality, brand safety, viewability, and ad fraud
  • Sovrn //Signal technology outperforms global market averages in highest viewability scores and lowest fraud rates
  • We’re focused on transparency within our exchange. Brands know exactly what they are buying and get exactly what they pay for

In the bones

Sovrn offers hands-on support and solutions that connect consumers with real humans

  • Intelligent advertising technology products that allow publishers to simply and effectively monetize their content
  • Professional ad ops services
  • Financial solutions
  • Access to the Sovrn exchange, a portfolio of authentic, niche, and independent publishers that attracts active, engaged readers
  • Diverse audiences that match the needs of advertisers, and allow
 them to get more for their money
  • Founded: 2006
  • Headquarters: Boulder, CO, USA
  • Storytellers helped: 13,000 and growing
  • Marquee products: Meridian, Sovrn //Connect, Sovrn //Signal, Sovrn //Commerce
  • 2,000+ direct publishers
  • 40,000+ websites
  • 170,000,000+ daily readers
  • 4,000,000,000+ daily pageviews

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