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If concerns are raised by any relevant party, including by Sovrn own discovery, Sovrn clients or partners, or concerns are raised from consumers, regulators and others, with respect to inappropriate advertisement (ads) or ads appearing on content (inventory) deemed inappropriate, Sovrn will make every reasonable effort to take down such ads or placements. Sovrn will do this by itself, if within Sovrn control, or by contacting our partners if not within Sovrn control. Sovrn will take action as soon as possible, but in any event will start working on the matter within 72 business hours.

Sovrn will enforce this policy on a case-by-case basis and subject to interpretation by Sovrn depending on the severity, impact etc. In case of multiple breaches of this policy, Sovrn reserve the right to ban such customer and partner from Sovrn platform and services.
Please contact Sovrn Support for any inquires or reports.

This policy may be amended from time to time by Sovrn, if it is deemed necessary in order to reflect Sovrn processes and/or to ensure that inappropriate advertisement (ads) or ads appearing on content (inventory) are not being shown or served.

Version: July, 2019