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3 Easy, Risk-Free Ways to Boost Q4 Revenue Without Significant Changes to Your Ad Setup

webhank // November 20, 2018

We know the end of the year is hectic, but that doesn’t mean publishers should pass up easy chances for more Q4 revenue. This season sees the biggest advertising spend of the entire year, and many publishers are loathe to make any changes to their ad setup for fear of mess-ups or complications—but it doesn’t have to be that way.

As usual, we’re here to help you exceed your quarterly goals, and we have several effective, easy-to-use products that will let you take advantage of seasonal spend without complexity, risk, or headaches.

  1. Plug Sovrn into Exchange Bidding and Exchange Bidding Video

    Sovrn is fully compatible with EB and EB Video. Turn us on, and we’ll bring more competition to your demand stack. It’s an easy way to see more Q4 revenue with no risk. Plus, you can rest easy knowing you’re connected to one of the cleanest, highest-quality exchanges on the web. We’re a strong EB performer, and we’re constantly working to improve. We’ve helped countless publishers increase revenue and impressions, as well as the viewability and performance indicators that attract buyers. We’ll do the same for you. It’s that simple.

  2. Boost revenue 25% with Sovrn Signal
    Publishers know that page views don’t tell the whole story, and so do we. You deserve to be rewarded for your dedicated readers, and Signal does more than just measure time spent browsing a page. Mouse movements, page scrolls, and other actions indicate when a reader is active, and Signal serves new, in-view ads when it senses sufficient engagement. Your revenue increases, your performance indicators improve, and buyers know they’re purchasing quality inventory. Signal is free to use, and it’s delivered in a single line of code, so you don’t need to worry about complex coding issues or headaches down the road. It’s also available for licensing, which allows publishers to deploy the same technology across their full demand stack. It’s the smartest, most flexible ad reloading technology in the industry, and all you need to do to get started is say the word.

  3. Increase your traffic (and your earnings) with Sovrn Consent Management
    If you’re still blocking your EU traffic, you’re missing out on revenue potential. Staying GDPR compliant is simple with our free, flexible Consent Management Platform. Obtaining user consent is the safest, easiest way to make sure you’re following the regulations, and just like Signal, it’s delivered with one line of code. If you’ve been cutting off EU readers out of fear or uncertainty, this is a prime opportunity for you to see more traffic and more revenue before the long, cold wasteland that is post-holiday ad spend.

We like flexibility, and we like it when things are simple. Mostly, we like making you more money. And hey, we get it—you’re probably sweating at the thought of mentioning coding changes during the most profitable time of the year. But if you’re not maximizing your opportunities, you’re not maximizing your revenue. A Q4 revenue boost will give you easy money that you can use to do more great things, so send us a message. We’ll roll up our sleeves and see how we can help you achieve the earnings you deserve.

Send us a message, and we’ll get you started.

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