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List Growth and Conversion Optimization: Targeting the Brain

sovrnmarketing // June 8, 2015

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Single words or phrases can have a profound impact on the way people make decisions. The Subcortical and Limbic parts of the brain are stronger than people realize – as marketers, you want to appeal to those parts of the brain, since they drive decision making.
If you want to drive activity from your audience, write in a way that appeals to the brain. And if you want to drive rapid list growth and get people to sign up for your email list, here are some tips on the right way to use words.
First, as a general theme, when trying to encourage people to take action, you should remember the following:

  • Engage their sense of community
  • Appeal to exclusivity
  • Build trust

Check out why doing these three things is so important and what easy words/phrases accomplish these goals:
Engage their sense of Community
It’s no secret people want to be part of group. The Maslow Hierarchy of needs tells us that people need a sense of community and they look for that feeling where ever they go, even online, in order to be happy. These phrases automatically evoke that search for community:: join, come along, become a member.
Appeal to Exclusivity
People also want to feel unique and part of something special. These phrases are some of the most persuasive because they add healthy social pressure (don’t be afraid to throw some pressure into the mix to drive action!): Be one of the few, Become an insider, Be the first to hear about the latest news.
Build Trust
People won’t do anything, especially online (which can make list growth particularly challenging), unless they trust you. Just like you want customers to feel safe and comfortable in stores, you want them to feel that way online. Try these words for payment and sign-up forms to drive action. Official, Protected, Tested, Secure, Verify, Unconditional.
Ready to put those words to action? Come along and become one of the few using the official Privy – a free service that makes it easy to grow your email list (and a Sovrn Partner).
Dan Scudder
This guest post is written by Dan Scudder, VP Business Development at Privy (  Privy helps publishers grow and measure their email database with signup popups and landing pages that drive measurable conversions.  Privy is also a Sovrn partner. “

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