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How Affiliate Marketing Can Boost Your Business

webhank // February 8, 2017

If you’re in the business of selling a product or service, affiliate marketing should absolutely be incorporated into your business strategy. A lucrative way to increase sales without much program overhead, research indicates that affiliate marketing drives nearly 1% of customers. One percent may not seem like a lot, but when you take into account those 1% are spending nearly 8% more than the average customer, that means more money per acquisition and more money to your bottom line.Here’s Why Every Business Should Have an Affiliate Marketing Program:

  1. You Have Access to An Unlimited Sales Force Around the Globe
    At its most basic level, affiliate marketing is revenue sharing with people that drive sales on your behalf. It’s people spreading the word about your product – on their own accord – willingly. It’s more authentic and genuine than a paid ad since it’s an endorsement from a real person (ideally an influential blogger) who has earned trust and respect in their niche. You can have an unlimited number of affiliates spreading your message around the world.
  2. It’s Essentially Free Marketing
    The way publishers attract customers for you is by creating relevant, quality content. Whether that’s through product reviews, dedicated blog posts or gift guides, they are not only spreading the word about your brand, but driving traffic back to your site. More inbound links mean better organic page rank, so you’re increasing your popularity for SEO purposes, as well as general brand awareness.
  3. You Only Pay for Sales
    Most affiliate programs are run through a CPA (cost per action) model, which means you only pay for performance. It’s completely controlled by you – you set the commission rates, you set the baseline payouts, and you create the promotions that motivate affiliates.You’re saving overhead by not hiring full-time sales staff with benefits and since affiliates are 100% commission-based, they may be even more motivated to make sales – it’s a win-win all around.

For the Publishers/Content Creators:To affiliate marketing newcomers, inserting links into posts and hoping someone buys something can feel like a game of chance. Manipulating the ever-changing SEO rules and throwing links into your carefully crafted content can feel forced and uncomfortable. VigLink removes the guesswork by automatically optimizing posts for you. You can spend less time worrying about strategy and more time focusing on creating quality content, promoting your posts, and reaping the rewards. From the very moment you register, members of Sovrn have access to a database of more than 65,000 merchants. With other networks, you have to register for each affiliate individually. VigLink puts you on the path to success right from the get-go.

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