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Andy Evans, Sovrn CMO, talks about why engagement is more important than viewability for effective ads

sovrnmarketing // January 3, 2018


Measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of ad campaigns is something the industry should aspire to, there is a long way to go to achieve this goal outside of direct response campaigns. In the programmatic ecosystem alone there are multiple parties sitting between the brand and the publisher, including agencies, trading desks, DSPs, SSPs and networks. Even if the supply chain is as clean as possible at each stage, tracking the effectiveness of a campaign from the brand to the publisher is highly complex, especially as automation limits direct communication between the individual links in the chain.

Rather than trying to make the change from generic metrics such as clicks and views to measuring true efficiency in one giant leap, there is a mid-step the industry can take along the path to effectiveness and it involves paying more attention to engagement.



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