#asksovrn Episode #2: What's the Average Difference in CPM for Above vs. Below the Fold Ads?

sovrnmarketing // August 21, 2015

trees with spray paint

Here’s the second episode of #asksovrn.

In this episode, we answer “what’s the average difference in CPM for above vs. below the fold ads?”

#QOTD – How many above vs. below the fold zones do you have? Share below.

For those just joining us, #asksovrn is a way for our publishers to ask us questions about ad performance, growing traffic, digital marketing, and other top of mind questions to help our publishers succeed. Every other week, we’ll post answers to the questions on our social handles (Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo) as well as on this blog.

Post your #asksovrn questions on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and we’ll answer in the next episode.

Until next time…..

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