#asksovrn Episode #3: What Mobile Ad Sizes do Best?

sovrnmarketing // September 4, 2015

What mobile ad sizes do best?

Happy Friday!
Here’s the third episode of #asksovrn.

In this episode, we answer “What mobile ad sizes do best?”

#QOTD – What mobile ad sizes are successful for you?

Ashley and Maggie, two Sovrn Publisher Advocates, recommend using mobile ad size 300X250 since it performs the best on mobile since there is more advertiser demand for this unit. Yet, mobile ad size 320X50 unit is specific to the mobile screen and gaining interest from our advertising demand partners. In the near future, CPM’s will probably go up for this size. If you want to add a mobile unit, we recommend you begin with a 300X250 and then complement with a 320X50. Remember, not all sites are mobile responsive, so make sure your site is responsive to mobile tags before installing.

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