#asksovrn: How Many Ads Should I Have On My Site?

Sovrn Publisher Advocate // August 7, 2015

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#QOTD – How many ads should I have on my site?

In this #asksovrn, Maggie and Ashley, two of our veteran Publisher Advocates sync up with our Data Science Team to uncover the answer to one of the most popular and important questions every publisher has about programmatic advertising:  “How many ads should I have on my site?”

Whether you’re a smaller food blogger just getting started with website monetization, or you’re a veteran influential publication, you need to take a strategic approach when deciding how many ads you should have on a single page. What most publishers don’t know is that having too many ads on a single page will actually drive down your CPMs and Fill Rates. On the flip side, having too little won’t have a significant enough impact on your ad revenue, which makes the ads useless. The trick is finding your sweet spot. You have to make sure you are maintaining a high level of aesthetic quality for your site, but you also have to make sure you’re maximizing your profit for the ads you do have running.

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