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Brand Safety: Blocking Bad Ads with The Media Trust

Brand safety — it’s a hot topic in the world of programmatic advertising, one you should be aware of. Publishers that use programmatic advertising as a means for website monetization are often subject to the infamous “bad ad”. (Bad ads can be anything from auto-audio/auto-video ads to ads containing questionable content.) It’s an industry-wide epidemic that affects all third-party ad networks. However, Sovrn recently commissioned the services of The Media Trust, a media scanning portal that allows us to accurately identify the origin of less-than-desirable creatives. We are using this tool to rid our network of any sub-standard ads and serve only creatives from brands you can trust.
If you are experiencing creatives you’d rather not have on your site, please reach out to your publisher advocate or publishersupport@sovrn.com with the following information:

  • The Zone ID (the six digit number in parentheses next to your ad tags. This can be found by logging into your lijit.com dashboard, clicking on the Ad Stats tab and looking at your ad tags) where the creative is making an impression.
  • A brief description of the creative.
  • If possible, include the approximate location (by country or state) of the user who experienced the creative.
  • If possible, the inspect element code for when the creative is live on your site.

Once we have this information (or at least some of it), we will help you track down the culprit and remove it from your site.
Your partner in publishing,
-Dan Ha, Publisher Support Specialist

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