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Coalition for Better Ads: Making Online Ads Better for Everyone

Sovrn Publisher Advocate // June 29, 2017

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Sovrn is proud to be a member of the Coalition for Better Ads, alongside some of the most influential names in publishing, advertising, brands, and technology.

For years, Sovrn has been leading the fight for better online advertising.  We co-chaired the groundbreaking IAB Online Ad Fraud Committee, we’ve consistently ranked at the very top of 3rd party quality rankings, and recently we were one of only two supply platforms to undergo a rigorous independent 3rd party audit of our anti-fraud and anti-privacy practices in the US. We are also in the process of being audited in the UK by JICWEBS for Brand Safety and Anti-Fraud.

Why do we do this?
The “Who We Are” statement from the Coalition for Better Ads sums it up nicely: Advertising helps support valuable free content, robust journalism and social connections across the internet.

We believe in publishers and content creators.  They create the stories that inform, engage, and connect us together.  Better advertising means better results for advertisers, more alignment with the quality content publishers produce, and ultimately a better audience experience.

Membership in the Coalition for Better Ads,  viewability and audience engagement solutions like Signal, and helping publishers understand ad blocking with investments technology like Optimal are just some of the ways we are helping publishers succeed and do more of what they love.

You can read more about the Better Ad Standards here.

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