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Feedback at Admonsters AdTech Forum

sovrnmarketing // April 1, 2016


On March 17th, we went to the Big Apple to hear from 100+ Ad Ops pro’s at Admonsters Adtech Forum. They shared the tactics, technology and challenges they face. For those that couldn’t make it, here are the 3 big takeaways of the event and what Sovrn is doing to alleviate or solve these issues.

Limited dev. resources and latency are concerns with Header Bidding: Limited dev. resources constrict header bidding rollout. Many of the participants have to share dev. resources with other departments or have to use contractors. Latency is also a concern as the header bidding partner stack grows. Per Emry at Studybreak Media, “If header bidding is a drug, latency is the most common side effect” (we loved this!). Many Ad Op’s folks who have tested header bidding have noticed ad partners solutions have different latency. The recommendation from the group was to test different ad partner solutions to find the best in latency and revenue.

How Sovrn is working to solve these Header Bidding issues: Header Complete is ready. We do all the configuration for you (aka you don’t need a dev. team) and provide unified reporting for all your ad partners. We’ve put our top engineers on header bidding to crack the latency side effect. We’re continually testing and improving our speed. We just published the Definitive Guide to Header Bidding if you want to learn more.

Favorable payment terms for Ad Partners is critical to publishers: Payback terms are extremely important when selecting ad partners, 30 days is much better than 120 days.

Did you know Sovrn’s payment terms? We pay like clockwork on the 1st of every month. Depending on how you set up payment, you could receive your money in a couple hours or in a couple days.

Video ad rev is a major player for indirect revenue : Monojit from Apartment Therapy and member of the Sovrn Publisher Community talked about earning more than $1M in the last year from video ads on their sites’ video content. Wow!

Video CPM’S and VPAID errors: We’ve been averaging from $5 upwards to $25 CPMs on video ads for our Publishers. We heard your frustration with partners who serve VPAID errors – we serve creative so you don’t lose out on revenue.

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