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Sovrn Publisher Advocate // September 25, 2018

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Cash flow is critical to a healthy business. We’ve always paid our publishers within 30 days, instead of waiting 60, 90, or even 120 days, the way some other companies do. When you get paid faster, you spend more time doing what you love—and less time worrying about money.  

Our Discounting Program takes our commitment a step further. For a small fee, we’ll pay you everything we owe you within 3 business days, instead of 30. That gives you more cash, which means more flexibility and more freedom.

In the chart below, we’ve compared the yearly cash flow of the same publisher when using the Sovrn Discounting Program, when working with a company that offers traditional (expensive) factoring, and when waiting the average 60 days to get paid. If our publisher earns $10,000/month, these are the results:

In all cases, the Sovrn Discounting Program gives our publisher a higher cash flow over the course of a year. If your cost of capital is 15% or higher, being forced to wait 60 days to get paid nets you less money in the same period of time. And compared to traditional factoring, the Sovrn Discounting Program gets you more cash, no matter the discount rate.

We’re not a bank. Our rates are low, and once you’re approved, you can choose to participate in Discounting when you want to: opt for a quicker payment one month, and decide not to participate the month after. There’s no contract, and there’s no obligation. There’s only you, getting paid faster.

That’s money you can use to pay bills, pay your people, or invest in growth. Maybe you’re exploring new channels, mastering new content tools, or hiring more writers. Whatever your goals, the Sovrn Discounting Program gives you access to the funds you need, when you need them, so that you can keep doing what you love.
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