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I may not be Frank Underwood, Jed Bartlett, Rob Stark or Rust Cohle, but I do know some pretty cool publishers.

sovrnmarketing // June 27, 2014

kevin spacey

I’ve been binge watching a lot lately. House of Cards. The West Wing. Game of Thrones. True Detective. All the dramatic masterpieces of my generation. Consequently, I’ve been feeling a little underdeveloped. I spend my days working in an office (granted, a really cool office with and open floor setting and a Big Ass ceiling fan — but it’s still an office), cooking dinner with Katie, and climbing in Rocky Mountain National Park. Nothing as maniacal as what the Underwoods are doing on House of Cards, or as inspiring and selfless as what the Bartlett administration is doing on The West Wing, or as obviously epic as what any of the characters are doing on Game of Thrones, or even as dark and twisted as what Rust is doing on True Detective. Despite all of that, I do have an eye for unique and influential publishers. In fact, my team of marketing gurus (Stephen and Noah) and I gathered up 12 really cool links for you all to check out.
1. Do you like to nerd out every once in a while? C’mon, admit it — we all do. Under that mature, focused and career-oriented facade, you’ve created stories of a little boy or girl that just wants to fly, wear a magic ring, or trek between the stars. Fear not. We have the solution. Indulge your inner nerd and read up on what’s going on in the world of geeky television, movies, games, comics, and plenty more with GeeksofDoom.
2. Vines are the best. I don’t have to dedicate 4 minutes of my time to a video only to find out that the punchlines sucks. That’s why Vinebox is great. There’s no commitment. It’s like a bunch of 7-second stands but without having to pay for someones cab fare after. And my friends wonder why I have commitment issues.
3. Every family has an awkward member. Some have two. Others consist solely of awkward people. AwkwardFamilyPhotos has gone out of their way to collect pictures of these awkward families, and let me tell you, nothing makes you feel suave quite like pictures of painfully oblivious teenagers and men sporting mullets.
4. Some people say that Jazz is an acquired taste. Well they’re right, and it’s about time you acquired it. AllAboutJazz has all the Jazz you could ever want, both old and new.
5. Check out TheFrogman for a nice hearty chuckle, or pictures of corgis that’ll make you say “awwww” so loudly that your work buddies will never let you live it down. Ever.
6. Celebrities are people too. And we should totally respect their privacy because privacy is a basic human right. HAHAHAHA I’m just messing with you. If you’re looking for the latest dirt on celebrities, CelebrityDirtyLaundry is the place for you.
7. Would you rather… Ugh I’ve never been good at coming up with hypothetical questions. It’s a good thing I don’t have to. The people over at YouRather are much funnier and smarter than I, and they’ve got some great questions for you.
8. Have you ever wondered what your favorite song is really about? Maybe you want to finally know what Bob Dylan is saying or you just can’t quite get a grasp on what emotion Pharrell is conveying in Happy. Check out Songmeanings. They’ll clear it up.
9.  I’m a big fan of random facts that, short of a trivia night, will most likely never end up helping me in my life. Mentalfloss is full of that sort of thing, and maybe even some useful info too.
10. After spending some time ogling at the pictures on PinchofYum my mouth is watering and I’m wishing I knew how to cook something a little more intricate than top ramen. Maybe now’s a good time to learn.
11. I’m a self described HipHopHead and one of the best sites I frequent to stay up to date is howflyhiphop. Check it out, throw on a mixtape and read one of their articles or lists.
12. With summer in full force there is no better time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. outdoorseagle has you covered on all your camping, fishing and biking needs.

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