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sovrnmarketing // May 2, 2014

feet with lights behind them

To all the Sovrn (and non-sovrn) bloggers out there, we’d like to say, HAPPY FRIDAY!
One of my favorite things that happens on Friday is the weekly 3:30 beer delivery. Sure, we stay at the office till 5:00, but we all know that both productivity and creativity take a hit after a couple Dale’s Pale Ales (notice I’m writing this post hours before the beer delivery? That’s what I call taking initiative). ANYWAY, back to my point: It’s Friday and I’m excited.
Excluding the beer that will soon be sitting in the kitchen, one of my other favorite things about Fridays is the chance to share with you some of my favorite links from some of our favorite publishers. This is something I’ll be doing every week, so be sure to check back every Friday for the weekly round up!
1. Looking for a new job? Have an annual review coming up? Keep these tips & tricks in mind when negotiating your new salary.
2. Garlic parmesan chicken lasagna bake…because who can say no to that?
3. So my girlfriend walks up to me all cute in her new apron and asks me, “(Darling-dearest-of-mine) How do you feel about honey custard with roasted strawberries for dessert tonight?” That’s the exact moment I decided to fix the fence (the same fence she asked me to fix two weeks ago).
4. Just in case you weren’t already on the Lorde train, check out the Flume Remix to her hit track, “Tennis Court”. One more thing – she’s 17.
5. It’s almost wedding season! And since I just learned that it takes weeks to get a damn suite tailored, I thought I’d share this post with all you guys out there trying to find a suite to wear to your girlfriend’s best friend’s wedding in Lexington, KY that you’re so excited to go to…
6. Because I know you forgot Mother’s Day is coming up.
7. So some of the more eccentric boys at Sovrn started a two-on-two street basketball league that meets every Wednesday. I haven’t touched a basketball since the 4th grade and the hoop was like six feet tall. We had our first game and it ended up being more of a brawl than anything else. I quickly realized that if I wanted to do well in this league and up my “street cred” (and by that I obviously mean the reputation I hold among nine other ad-tech nerds), I don’t need to perfect my jump-shot, I need to get stronger so I can knock more of them over while I flail my way up to the basket (that happens to be four feet higher than it was when I last played). Should I lift weights? No way. Too hard. Should I actually start playing basketball? Not gonna happen. Too much running. Then it hit me, nutrition! If I can just turn every ounce of fat and blah on my body into muscle, I’ll be fine. That’s when I found the greatest calorie counting app ever. Needless to say, it works. I’ll be ready for next week’s game and might even look better doing it. Woo!
8. I may or may not have just snuck in my personal Tumblr. Hint: I did.
9. Maybe it’s just because I’m a boy, but I thought this remodeled curved hatchet was absolutely fantastic.
10. Because it’s so much nicer to reminisce on the good days.

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