GDPR: What to Expect From Sovrn

sovrnmarketing // April 20, 2018

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In preparation for GDPR, Sovrn has made a few changes.

To help our publishers through this industry shift, Sovrn is committed to transparency & simplicity in communication. Therefore, all of the below actions can be completed in one place.
Here’s what you should expect from us…

    1. Legal term updates: Publishers will start to receive communication highlighting updates to our legal terms within our Privacy Policy & Publisher Agreement. Publishers will need to accept the T&Cs.
    2. Data collection options: ublishers will be given two options for the processing of EU reader data. If you aren’t sure, check out the lawful bases for processing.
    1. Publisher has established a lawful basis for Sovrn and its affiliates to collect and process EU reader data.
    2. Sovrn should limit collection and processing of EU reader data to only readers providing consent.
    1. Email Opt In: Look for an email from Sovrn to update your communication preferences before GDPR. You can also update them by following the link at the bottom of our weekly newsletter.
    2. Sovrn’s Consent Management Platform: CMP will be available to all publishers who decide their legal basis is consent. Read more here!

Please reach out should you have any questions.

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