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Get a Major Pageview Boost With AtContent

sovrnmarketing // November 10, 2014

Pageview Boost

Growing page views and readership is much easier said than done, and unfortunately the recommended tactics to do so are often vague, time consuming, expensive or black hat. We are always looking for effective, inexpensive tools that enable publishers to boost their influence through transparent growth strategies.
One such tool is AtContent, a blogging and content distribution platform that enables smart reposting of content among relevant sites across all major web platforms. AtContent has had great success building audiences for sites in an array of categories, namely fashion and lifestyle blogs, though they are bolstering additional network diversity by growing their business, technology and other verticals.
AtContent is complete free and very easy to get started with. The interface is clean and user friendly and the on-site reposting integration is simple enough for anyone with very basic webmaster skills. Setting up a profile is as simple as choosing featured and cover images, completing some quick profile information and following other publishers whose content is beneficial to your audience.
This kind of co-promotional relationship tool is a very fruitful way to build influence, particularly for emerging publishers fresh to their vertical. Reposts are equivalent to a full size article or post leveraging JavaScript, nofollow and canonical tags for all reposts. AtContent is therefore SEO neutral, meaning that there is neither positive nor negative affect on SEO. This tool is purely made for mutualistic promotion of content, helping you increase your quantity and quality of content; no backlinking here. atcontent repost examples
After you start reposting from other AtContent sites, you will begin to see reciprocal reposts from your content as well. When other bloggers repost your content, you benefit by reaching a fresh audience and will start to see an uptick in referral traffic back to your site through in-post links. Additionally, you can see who reposts your content, how many times it’s been reposted, and theamount of views it’s gotten. If you update the content, all reposts will be auto refreshed to reflect your new changes immediately.

How It Works

To Join AtContent, simply follow these steps:

  1. Sign up with AtContent and connect your WordPress site/blog.
  2. Complete your AtContent profile.
  3. Follow relevant bloggers, repost content and be reposted.

5 Tips for Successful Growth with AtContent atcontent featured

Choose featured images wisely. Compelling, well-designed feature images and engaging titles will increase click-through and repost rates drastically.

To tap into the true power of AtContent, there are a few best practices to follow. In addition to maintaining the quality and quantity of content that you are already providing through your site, make sure to keep in mind SEO, link and social media strategies to get extra mileage out of every article.

  1. Leverage post titles and featured images – much the same as the featured frame and title of a YouTube video increase click-through-rates, reposts with engaging, relevant featured images and headings will perform better on AtContent.
  2. Be link smart – don’t miss you on the opportunity to send additional traffic back to your site and your other content. Use anchor text and natural backlinking wisely so the post doesn’t feel stuffed.
  3. Encourage cross-channel connections – the more you can convert readers from reposts of your content throughout the AtContent network into followers of your site, particularly on other social and sharing platforms, the most impact this tool will have. Be sure to include your Twitter, Facebook and other social handles to encourage cross-platform engagement.
  4. Include your site name in image alt text – encouraging readers to share and distribute your images is a key element of increasing traffic to your site. Don’t be protective of your images; instead, include your domain in all image alt text to make sure that no matter how viral any image goes, it will always be linked back to your authorship.
  5. Spread the love – as with any co-promotional style tool, you have to engage with other sites in the network to start seeing more reposts of your own content. Don’t expect to be blown away as soon as you get started. The more active you are with writing and reposting from day one, the faster you will start to see the results roll in.

To learn more about AtContent, check out their website and stay tuned to the PubHub for upcoming webinars and whitepapers about tools for increasing traffic, engagement and revenue.

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