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Graphiq Increases Revenue by More than 40% with Header Bidding

sovrnmarketing // October 28, 2016

As for many other publishers, header bidding has been a boon for Graphiq’s advertising revenue.

“We started header bidding in March 2015, and out of the gate we saw gains of around 30%. We’ve continued to see gains throughout the past year. We can confidently say our revenue has increased more than 40% since we started header bidding.” – AJ Okereke, Head of Revenue Technology, Graphiq

Graphiq, formerly FindTheBest, is a data aggregation and visualization company that manages more than 20 vertical search engines. Since March 2016, Sovrn has been one of Graphiq’s eight header bidding partners.

“From a revenue share of voice, Sovrn is definitely top three in our stack,” says AJ Okereke, Head of Revenue Technology at Graphiq. “With Sovrn, revenue per visit increased by 5% on average. You all definitely bring premium CPMs and make our overall auction extremely competitive, which we love.”

Graphiq hasn’t just seen great results with Sovrn revenue-wise – they have also experienced excellent customer service.

“Sovrn’s account management team is pretty stellar – they are very responsive and on-time,“ says Okereke.

In addition to Sovrn’s account management, Graphiq has been pleased with Sovrn’s header bidding development team. “From a development perspective, not many header bidding partners have the opportunity to provide full-time dev. Sovrn ad operations has been able to break down different sets of reporting and has been very responsive to our requests.”

And as for monetization strategies going forward?

Graphiq’s number-one priority is undoubtedly header bidding.

“We’re testing a few more header bidding partners as we’re currently at eight full partners. Once we get to 10, there’s a lot of interesting strategies we’ve been discussing,” says Okereke. We’re looking to further optimize our meta auction and continue to make AdX work hard for every impression that they win.”

Going forward, Graphiq is also looking to explore dynamic price floors. In doing this, Graphiq plans to optimize AdX so all header bidding partners have a chance to compete.

“We’re looking into passing in price floors dynamically within our bid requests and/or potentially playing around with different AdX flooring strategies that will be beneficial for us, and force AdX to work harder for each impression that they win.”

As Google scrambles to counter the header bidding craze, it is yet to be seen whether websites will revert back to traditional pricing tiers. However, it seems Graphiq will stay true to course with header bidding.

“We’re pretty comfortable with the current setup that we have,” says Okereke. “The current setup with header bidding gives us a lot of visibility into information that we previously did not have within DFP. To revert back to that black box strategy would probably not be advantageous to us.”

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