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Guest Post: TapInfluence on the Power of Influencer Marketing

sovrnmarketing // May 5, 2015

tap influence

Many long-time influencers share a similar story when asked how they started blogging. It was a way to connect with family and friends in a very real way. Through photos, videos, social updates and blog posts, they were able to stay in touch with their community, virtually and over the years, they realized that their community had grown. They discovered they were building and fostering an entire community they hadn’t previously known they had; they were building a community of like-minded people who wanted to follow along their journey and share in their authentic experiences. It’s that targeted community of like-minded people that advertisers want to reach, in a 100% authentic way, with your help.
At TapInfluence, we respect how valuable your community is to you and our goal is to help you monetize your published work by weaving sponsored content into real stories that people can engage with in an authentic way. With this in mind, we have built an industry leading platform and influencer marketplace that puts you in front of hundreds of marketers like Microsoft, Pillsbury, Horizon Organics, RedBox, Lego and other consumer brands who come to search and connect with content creators like you. In fact, we work with more brands, in more verticals, than any other solution provider. And our influencers represent every major category from Food & Recipes, to Beauty & Fashion, Music & Entertainment and Technology and Social Media.
TapInfluence is a true Marketplace, where you create a universal media kit , you set your rates for both long and short form content and you choose the opportunities that are an authentic fit with your content and voice. TapInfluence’s platform also makes it easy to manage all your assignments in one dashboard showing compensation, requirements, deadlines, and even brand assets for each assignment. As a successful and savvy publisher, you know that monetization of your site is key to overall success. The content you create is what keeps your readers coming back, and since you are already creating quality content, why not add another revenue source to your site and start monetizing that content? The time and effort you put into growing your space online is worth compensation and it’s important to explore the many options available to you. Sponsored content is consistently considered to be the most rewarding and profitable of the options especially as more and more advertisers are investing money in sponsored content. TapInfluence is on track to a pay out over $4 Million in 2015 to influencers for sponsored content created by publishers like you. So, why not you? Chances are you’re already putting in the work, now start getting paid for it! Join the TapInfluence Marketplace and starting earning revenue for your content.

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