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H1 2023: Data Insights to Set Yourself Up for Success 

Sovrn Advertising Team // August 8, 2023

Publishers faced significant headwinds in the first half of 2023, as last year’s difficult economic conditions continued unabated. At the same time, new challenges emerged — from the proliferation of AI in the digital ecosystem to widespread budget cuts that led to record-setting layoffs in the publishing sector.

Yet there are signs that a post-pandemic, slow return to normal is beginning to take shape with the economy proving resilient. All of this bodes well for consumer spending in the latter half of 2023 – and adjusting your strategy now to optimize for future benefit is key.

In our new H1 2023 Data Insights Report, we examine the trends that shaped the first half of 2023 to understand how they influenced commerce and programmatic results. We also explore three key areas where publishers should focus their attention in the coming months, to increase their chances of success:

  1. Protecting your valuable investment in quality content. Today’s reality demands improved efficiency to decrease costs and maximize profit margins. Doing both effectively requires you to identify and broadcast the value of your most engaged audiences, and understand how you can effectively leverage the right tools to help you avoid the high costs of doing so. Our report provides actionable tips for making smarter decisions that drive more results from every dollar.
  2. Future-proof against uncertainty. Preparing for the future is more important than ever, now that we know the end of third-party cookies is (really) coming in 2024. Read our report for advice on diversifying your revenue streams and how to ensure you have the data to understand all of your audiences, at scale.
  3. Control your own destiny. The digital publishing industry has been on a wild ride these past few years, from the highs of pandemic-driven online shopping to the lows of inflation and consumer belt-tightening. The best way to insulate yourself from future volatility is to make the most of the assets you have — and embrace the opportunities at hand. Our report tells you how.

Today’s smart digital media leaders are focused on operating a lean, efficient business; locking down their first-party data strategy, and putting operational rigor behind their revenue diversification efforts. This report provides the insights and guidance to help you do the same.

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