Header Bidding

Header Bidding: What’s in it for Publishers?

Sovrn Publisher Advocate // November 29, 2015

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header suite ebookHeader bidding is a huge advance for programmatic advertising. In this brief, we’ll go through how it works, what it means for publishers, and what to look out for, so you can decide if header bidding is for you.

Download this header bidding whitepaper to learn:

  • The waterfall problem: the flaws and pitfalls in the common publisher approach to programmatic ad management, the waterfall setup
  • How header bidding works and how it optimizes programmatic advertising for publishers
  • Different options for getting started with header bidding
  • Considerations and questions to ask your partners when getting started with header bidding

Be in the know about this emerging trend in programmatic and learn if header bidding is right for your monetization strategy!

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