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How the Google AdSense Policy Changes Will Affect Online Publishers

sovrnmarketing // August 9, 2012

Lijit Networks is always staying up to date with industry trends, and we like to make sure that our publishers remain informed as well. Recently, Google altered their AdSense Program Policy stating that as of August 15th AdSense publishers are no longer allowed to install tags using iFrames.
As a Lijit publisher, there is no need to worry about these changes; we’ve got you covered. We are aware of the updated Google AdSense policy changes and have made the necessary technical changes to comply with their ad serving guidelines. If you currently utilize Lijit in conjunction with AdSense, rest assured that Lijit will continue providing you with high quality ad campaigns.
Why does Lijit provide the option of iFrames? As an online publisher, page load time is an extremely important factor. Choosing the right ad network is critical to ensure that your pages load quickly. A great solution for Lijit publishers with regard to installing ad tags on their site is utilizing iFrames. With iFrames, advertisements load separately from the actual web page and therefore do not affect site load time.
Lijit will continue to offer the option of iFrames to our publishers. If you do not currently utilize Lijit advertising services and will be affected by Google’s changes, or if you would just like to learn more about what we provide, check out our site or contact us directly. We would love to work with you and can get you up and running super fast!

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