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How Our Publishers Are Using Sovrn and Google AdSense Together

sovrnmarketing // December 2, 2016

How Sovrn Publishers Are Using Sovrn and Google AdSense Together

Many of our developing publishers use Sovrn along with Google AdSense to jump-start their advertising income. Here’s a sneak peek into how two of our publishers, PTZtv and Fae’s Twist & Tango, are using Sovrn and AdSense together to maximize ad revenue.


PTZtv relied solely on AdSense for their programmatic advertising income. Over time they became increasingly concerned with their advertising revenue variability. Sometimes their AdSense CPC would vary as much as 50%, even in their busy season. At the same time, they added more sites, generated increased web traffic and dedicated 33% more resources for little benefit in ad performance. As a result of variable ad revenue and increased traffic without greater revenue, PTZtv looked around for another ad network to use with AdSense.

PTZtv partnered with Sovrn and began by testing two stand-alone Sovrn zones in addition to their existing three AdSense zones. Since PTZtv viewers can watch live cruise ship video for up to two hours, Sovrn recommended refreshing ads as the video played, improving ad engagement.

In the first 3 full months with both AdSense and Sovrn ads, overall PTZtv advertising revenue increased by 62%. After rolling out two Sovrn ad zones to five of their top performing sites, revenue gains from Sovrn over AdSense averaged 75% and in one case, 81%. These increases came from two Sovrn banners.

“We value the proactive nature of Sovrn. People are on the other end of the phone, call us out of the blue and give us suggestions about how to improve. Our Sovrn Publisher Advocate boosted our ad performance by gaining an understanding of our audiences’ behavior to get the right ad in front of the right audience throughout each viewer’s experience. This is important for us because our business is based on keeping viewers interested. Our success through advertising is directly tied to the popularity of our product.”

– David Balmforth, Co-founder & CTO, PTZtv LLC

Fae’s Twist & Tango

Fae Naderi, owner of Fae’s Twist & Tango an online food, travel and culture blog, combined Sovrn ads with AdSense to maximize her sites’ ad revenue.

Fae’s Sovrn Publisher Advocate helped get her site up and running quickly by creating live ad tags, gave training on Sovrns’ analytics dashboard to gain audience insights, and helped customize an ad placement strategy to maximize her ad performance.

Fae’s Twist & Tango added 5 Sovrn ad zones in addition to 3 AdSense zones. Earning a premium CPM with Sovrn ads, along with her AdSense revenue, caused ad performance to grow. In addition, audience insights helped Fae better understand her readers.

“What seems obvious in the business world is not easily found these days, as Sovrn provides… quality ad choices customized to the publisher’s content, and sincere customer service, literally, the one where you can talk to a person! I am a foodie blogger, and the most responsible part of my time is spent communicating with my readers, the very people who make the placement of ads on my blog work. I also commend Sovrn programmers for brilliantly designing a dashboard which accommodates easy understanding and maneuvering of information for publisher’s interest.”

– Fae Naderi, owner, Fae’s Twist & Tango
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