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How to Start a Blog: The Beginner’s Guide to Successful Publishing

sovrnmarketing // November 17, 2014

How to Start a Blog

This guide was published by the FirstSiteGuide Team but we thought it would be highly beneficial to our publishers, so we thought it would be worth sharing here. Download it, check it out, learn a ton, share it and start growing today.
This guide is an introduction to mastering the art of blogging/online publishing. It provides easy-to-follow steps to start, maintain and grow your website. Ever wonder how the top-tier professional publishers do it? Much like you, they all started with a desire to learn. They wanted to find the right learning tools to help them grow with understanding, practice and experience. Here you will find the prerequisite blueprint that will guide you through the necessary steps of evolving from an emerging blogger into a scaling publisher.

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succesful publishing ebook chapters Be sure to check out Chapter 6 | Monetizing Your Blog.

Summary: In this chapter you will learn how to prepare your blog for monetization and monetization strategies for blogs with small (new blogs), medium, and large audiences.
If one of the driving factors for starting a blog was to make money online, then this is the chapter you have been waiting for. Now that you’ve learned how to setup your blog, create great content, and promote your blog, you are ready to start with monetization.
For those who work regular full-time jobs, it is a great way to generate a side income. For those who plan to dedicate themselves to the monetization strategies, it is possible to use it as regular income.

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Recently, sovrn, VigLink and Netpop partnered with the Publisher Roundtable to create a publisher-focused report on monetization best practices, next steps, industry insights, etc.
Publisher Roundtable is a community sharing platform designed to let online publishers collaborate and learn how to grow their websites more effectively. Together, publishers can generate benchmarks around audience growth, content and monetization. Designed to benefit content publishers of all types and sizes, the goal of Publisher Roundtable is to arm publishers with the objective data and insights they need to make more informed business and marketing decisions.

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