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Sovrn Publisher Advocate // July 1, 2020

If you’ve ever written commerce content or led an affiliate marketing strategy, you’re probably familiar with the struggle of link-building. Not only do you need to write compelling content, you need to discover and share products that suit your audience on top of juggling affiliate networks and commission rates. Publishers who are new to eCommerce often wrestle with all the moving pieces when they’re getting started, but your workflow doesn’t have to be so painful. Here’s how our Commerce tools can help you streamline the process and avoid headaches.

Easily discover new vendors with the Merchant Explorer

Often, commerce content editors find themselves stuck linking out to the same few vendors in every article. In addition to the risk of boring your readers, you may also find you’re missing out on better payment rates. The Merchant explorer, which you can see in your Commerce dashboard or online, is the simplest way to discover new merchants that fit your business. You can search by merchant category, see commission rates and payment methods, and your affiliation status.

Once you’ve identified merchants to include, you can track how they perform in your strategy. Finding the right mix of vendors does take some trial and error, but it’s very important to building a sustainable eCommerce strategy. The Merchant Explorer makes it easy to test and iterate on your results.

Sovrn Commerce merchant explorer

Build links quickly with Anywhere

Commerce Anywhere isn’t just for social media. Many of our large publishers use Anywhere exclusively, in part because of the ease. And the easiest way to use it is through our Chrome extension. As you’re writing commerce content and performing product searches, the Anywhere extension shows you which of our affiliate merchants will pay you the highest commission rate for the product page you’re on. You’ll also see available coupons for that product, and other retailers who sell it. 

For example, if you have a sales-driven audience (as is common in many verticals), you can copy that coupon code and share it directly with your readers to boost conversion rates. If there are other merchants who perform better for your audience who also stock that product, you can navigate to their product page instead. Once you’ve decided, you can create a shortened link directly from your browser and paste it into your content. No JavaScript required.

Spend less time juggling networks

Upon signing up for Commerce, you get immediate access to most of the 70,000+ merchants in our network. For those that require additional approval, you can request access directly from the dashboard. Once you’re in, our tech does the rest: no matter the product, our network relationships and wide range of CPA (cost-per-action) and CPC (cost-per-click) deals make sure that you’re always earning the highest commission rate possible. That means you spend less time navigating your affiliate status across various networks, and more time creating content.

Scale with intelligence

For publishers ready to create custom integrations and generate new experiences and more revenue, our scalable APIs give your editorial team more control and more granularity. See product and merchant metadata and full transaction reporting, and create visual experiences like product carousels. If you’re ready to take the next step in automation, let’s talk.

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