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When header bidding was new to the advertising scene one short year ago, the new innovation was really only accessible to a select group of websites. Header bidding integrations required custom development, and therefore only sites who had their own technical resources – or the cash to outsource development – could move forward with header bidding as a monetization strategy.

Fast forward a year, and the spread of websites that are implementing header bidding is starting to change. Sovrn has worked hard to create header bidding solutions like Header Complete that make header bidding a reality for websites of all sizes and resources.

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Now, that doesn’t mean that header bidding is a good fit for every website. There are multiple considerations to make before deciding to embark on a header bidding adventure: how many partners are in your current waterfall? Are you using an ad server? How are you currently selling your inventory?

If you are starting to consider header bidding as a part of your monetization strategy, the infographic below was made just for you.

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