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Meet the #isquared2015 VIP Contest Winner

sovrnmarketing // August 31, 2015


modern dog magazine #isquared2015 publisher summitWe are very excited to announce the winner of the #isquared2015 Twitter contest: Jennifer Nosek, Editor and Creative Director of Modern Dog Magazine! Jennifer gets a free trip to San Francisco from her home of Vancouver, Canada to attend the inaugural i² conference. She’ll also join us at the i² VIP dinner with the event speakers and a few other VIP independent publishers. Last, but not least, she gets to take home a gorgeous Topo Designs bag full of Sovrn goodies.

We thought we’d share with you a little more about Jennifer and her role at Modern Dog Magazine. Congratulations, Jennifer!

So, what’s ModernDog magazine all about?

We’ve been called “the best dog magazine ever!” so our mandate is to live up to that designation. Generally, we strive to put a smile on people’s faces while delivering inspiring ideas and solutions for dog lovers. We love sharing cool finds, insight into canine behaviour, wellness advice, training how-to’s, awesome DIYs (like to how to create an ombré dip-dye rope leash, for one), and, of course, tons of cute dog photos. We’re all about promoting better relationships and are HUGE rescue proponents. We like to say we deliver your daily dose of dog-infused happiness. 🙂

What is your current role at ModernDog magazine?

I’m the Editor and Creative Director so I am responsible for the direction of all content and art/design across platform—print, digital, social, etc—as well for a lot of its creation. I am also involved in company direction/partnership implementation, for example our relationship with sovrn!

Can you expand on your winning tweet: why it’s so great to be an independent publisher?

Where to begin? As an independent, we are agile, unfettered, able to change tack quickly, and can explore/pursue whatever direction we feel like taking pretty much immediately. We’re a small yet influential group of people super-passionate about our subject matter so we are enthusiastic and fast to implement—if a team member has an idea everyone’s down with, we jump on it!

How do you see people consuming and sharing content in the future?

Everywhere and all the time! The democratization and line blurring between content creator and consumer is so cool. Everyone is now not only part of the conversation but also increasingly involved in its creation/direction/dissemination.

 #isquared2015 sovrn.comWill you be bringing back souvenirs for Esther and Rose? And if so, what?

Definitely! Being dogs, they’re largely interested in food stuffs so I’ll be bringing them back an edible (something locally made/sourced, human grade, and super tasty). And perhaps an SF-themed squeaky toy, though what that might be I’m not sure. Looking forward to checking out the options!

It’s not too late to join Jennifer and 300 other independent and influential publishers next week at i² in San Francisco! Register for your free pass here:

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