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LinkSmart Uses Link Monetization to Put Contextual Content Discovery in Publishers' Hands

sovrnmarketing // April 8, 2014

sovrn has recently partnered with LinkSmart to give publishers more great tools for contextually relevant content discovery and audience development. Here’s a message from Suttida Yang, senior director of marketing at LinkSmart.
linksmart link monetization sovrn.comLinkSmart is a link monetization solution for publishers built by publishers. We believe publishers are increasingly losing control of some of the most important aspects of running their businesses, namely building engaged audiences, understanding more about these readers, and maintaining control of monetization streams. LinkSmart was created to give back that control for those extremely important reasons through an element of the web page that has been hiding in plain sight: The in-content link.
LinkSmart’s text-linking optimization solutions empower publishers to acquire and grow engaged audiences, share reader audiences while earning money with every click, and manage reader audiences while on-site to ensure they’re reaching the publisher’s highest value destinations. Our audience development and management tools are trusted by the world’s leading media companies and build millions of connections between content and readers every day.
More recently, we’ve put together a whitepaper that highlights the five things publishers are doing wrong. Why? Well, we want both our publishers and their readers to win. In other words, we want to help improve the monetization and performance of the publisher’s content while making sure their readers are always engaged and satisfied. Our whitepaper is meant to help address the most common mistakes publishers make and how to fix them with actionable solutions. Download your copy today!

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