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Fighting Bad Ads: Locating Campaign ID

sovrnmarketing // February 10, 2015

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If you encounter an unwanted creative on your website and want it removed, here are the steps you should follow:
1. Start up an “Inspector Tool”
For Google Chrome, use “Developer Tools”, which can be activated by hitting f12, ctrl+shift+i, or clicking the settings menu in the upper right, clicking tools and selecting Developer Tools.
For Firefox hit f12 or, if you have the fFrebug add-on, click the icon.
For Internet Explorer hit f12.
2. While in your Inspector Tool hit ctrl+f (in Chrome) and type “campaignid” in the search field that pops up.
In Firebug there is a default search field.

3. Search for the phrase [sovrn] Ad Unit
4. You will see an entry like this: <!­­ [sovrn] Ad Unit (266719 / 20170983802a455b8c22c6ea243d5c9d81c71a07 / 64164 / 2362) ­­>
The key things to note in this entry are the ad tag zone number (266719) and the Campaign ID (2632). If you’re able to provide us with the Campaign ID that served the ad, we’ll be able to go back to our demand partners and have the unwanted creative removed.
5. If you want to watch the ad call iterate through the browser, find where the ad tag was called and follow the traffic down to the <!­­ [sovrn] Ad Unit (266719 / 20170983802a455b8c22c6ea243d5c9d81c71a07 / 64164 / 2362) ­­> entry.
For this example, you would look up from the “Ad Unit” entry to find <script type=”text/javascript” src=” z=266719&amp;u=publisherunion&amp;width=300&amp;height=250″></script>
You would then follow the ad call down from there until delivery confirm, which is the “Ad Unit” comment
As a separate note: If Sovrn is not the only ad partner you have on your site, it is important to note that we might not be the ones responsible for serving the creative. If Sovrn is responsible, we will find it and remove all buyers associated with that campaign.

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