Publishing is hard enough without things like malware and auto-redirects. It’s complete BS that publishers even have to deal with these types of ads.

Publishers and readers are exposed to these ads through nefarious buyers who try to game the system intentionally slipping hard-to-detect malware and redirects into ads on the open exchange. Malware is a serious problem, with the goal of infecting computers creating botnets which can then be used to generate ad fraud. While redirects don’t feel as dangerous, they do cause a fair amount of annoyance by sending internet users to sites and app stores without consent to increase their user base.

The prominent industry tools available today rely on retroactive, sample based, third party scanning to identify ads or seats that distribute malicious ads. This has not been enough to solve the problem as there is too much room for error since ad quality is an ever moving target.

We’ve employed a team (real humans) dedicated to ad quality and empowered this team with detection tools to scan every single ad for malware and redirects every second of every day. Even when our team is sleeping our tech is constantly and consistently protecting your readers. Before the malicious ad can get to a publisher’s site, we identify it and stop it from getting served.

Since we’ve turned our proactive bad ad scanner on, we’ve seen incredible results. We are now able to identify which Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and seats we are forced to drop bad ads on behalf of and to call them out on it. We protect publishers and their readers from 83,000 malicious ads, representing 0.5% of bids, we see every minute.

Ads containing malware dropped to almost zero after new scanning tools implemented.

Sovrn is not sitting on the sidelines; we are fighting alongside you trying to ensure a clean ad experience for your readers. We continue to invest in people and technology to increase ad quality and bring more options for more control to you in the coming weeks and months.

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