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Why is Proof of a Direct Publisher Relationship Necessary?

sovrnmarketing // April 20, 2016

Direct Publisher Relationship

Proof of direct publisher relationships allows Sovrn to ensure the strength of our network. These direct relationships help us provide advertisers with what they are seeking: content creators who are enriching the web.

Here are five ways to prove a direct relationship with the sites you represent.

1. Copy of an I/O or Contract with the Publisher
A copy of the I/O or contract you have with the publisher to manage all or part of their advertising inventory helps Sovrn needs to establish that a contractual agreement is in place. However, Sovrn understands and encourages you to omit any sensitive or critical information in the I/O or contract, provided we are still able to confirm a relationship.

2. Email from the Publisher

Similarly, an email from your direct contact at the website will confirm a direct relationship. Using the template, “We at Company A are working with Company B” will satisfy Sovrn’s need for proof. Please note we prefer a company email address as opposed to a Gmail, Yahoo, etc. email address.

3. Test Page

To prove a direct relationship via a test page, create a test page on the site you’re working with and send your contact at Sovrn an email disclosing the URL of the test page. That way we can view the page and confirm the relationship.

4. Tags on Page

Alternatively, you can place your company’s code on the publisher’s website. That way we will be able to use the Inspect Element function to view the code on the page’s Document Object Model (DOM). Please inform your Sovrn contact of the location of your code; we must be able to see your company name present, not internal code that we cannot verify.

5. Access to Google Analytics/DFP
Finally, you can grant your Sovrn contact access to the site’s Google Analytics or DoubleClick for Publishers account. Also acceptable would be a screenshot of the site’s account with a recent timestamp.

To access this content in PDF form, please see here.
Please note: If any of these documents are found to be falsified or altered, payment will be withheld or deemed unpayable to the company in question.

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