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Publisher Spotlight: Global Good Group

sovrnmarketing // July 19, 2012

Publisher Spotlight Global Good Group

We had a chance to sit down and talk with Rick Jeffries and Josh Bois, the founders of Global Good Group, to gather some tips and tricks for building a site that has more than one million readers a month in over 200 countries. Global Good Group’s main goal is to promote global good by connecting people, information, businesses, and governments. The Global Good Group leverages the Internet as well as social media outlets to help make positive change happen.
Where did the Global Good Group get their start?
Initially, it began in 2008 when we formed our parent company, Chains For Change LLC, with the simple purpose of connecting artists together. Since the beginning, it has always been a joint partnership between the two of us. We promoted and utilized our artwork and talents to reach a bigger audience while keeping focus on the aspect of global good. Eventually, the Global Good Network was created. We have 150 writers and contributors that have joined us over time. As we have grown, we have remained very humble and make sure that we maintain focus on the writings that we put forth.
How do you make sure that your content remains relevant to your readers?
We did things a little backward. From the beginning, we said that we would never limit the content that we would write about, and by doing this, our site began to segment itself into different categories so no matter what we wrote about, there would be a niche place for it. Content is curated from writers from all over the world, and everything has a category that it falls into.
How do you utilize social media outlets to grow your business?
Did you know that there are 125 social media networks around the world? We set up an account with every social media network that existed. We realized that there is more than just Facebook and Twitter, and we wanted to make sure we were utilizing everything we could. We didn’t want readers from other countries to have to sign up for social media sites not relevant to them in order to connect with us. We plugged ourselves in from the get go so we could work with people all over the world on their own sites in their own terms. Even though some of the smaller social media outlets only provide us with 2% of traffic to our site, they are still important to us and we will not cut them loose.
What are some cool stories that have come from embarking on this endeavor?
Whether it has been celebrities, political figures, or people who have their own spears of influence, we have been able to build a huge reach. The more content we put out, the more people want to get involved. This process has created countless good stories. We take pride in the people that we work with as well as the progress and credibility that they bring to the table. During the Casey Anthony trial, we partnered up with Clint House to bring awareness to Caylee. We started a blog called Caylee over Casey and helped contribute to the passing of Caylee’s Law. We wanted to put this legislation in place to stop something like what happened to Caylee from ever happening again.
What are some tips you have for young bloggers looking to make it big like yourselves?
This is an endeavor that definitely needs to be tended to a lot, in a positive way. Doing what we did became an addiction for all of us. We wanted to continue to put out more and more content and we needed to start increasing our writer base and contributor base organically to do so. Lijit has been very helpful in that we have been working with the company from the ground-up. Sometimes tending to your website can be a burden, but over time you learn to create different systems and routines that allow you to continually put out solid content.
What keeps you going?
We believe that the world is actually coming to a point where there is value in helping your fellow brother and fellow sister because we can all excel at what we do without conflicting with one another. Working together is what gets things going. Maintaining the idea of doing global good will resonate with people.
Special Thanks To:
Sandi Bois, Bev Singh, Ana Pischl, Megan Klein, Albert Qian, Jo Turnbull, NuFit Studio, Tariq Houston, Xango Henry, Chiddy Graphics, Ian Hafkenschiel, Derek DeLang, HK, Keisha Wilson, Gary and Sheri Wells Brooks.

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