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Publisher Spotlight: Incredible Infant

sovrnmarketing // April 16, 2014

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Heather Taylor began blogging in 2007. Her newest site,, launched in June 2013. A mother of 3 and passionate about all things parenting – especially help, information, and humor for new parents, Heather’s goals for Incredible Infant are to:

  • Provide factual, well-researched information about a particular topic that new parents care about.
  • Sprinkle every post with humor so that it’s fun to read – and so helpful that you will share it on your social sites.
  • Make you feel comfortable enough to comment on posts.

Being a full-time mom, Heather uses blogging as a fun and easy way to supplement her family’s income. A friendly blogger introduced Heather to Sovrn in December 2013 to help her monetize her site — and she’s been building her business steadily ever since. “I’m pleased to see how fast it’s growing!” she says.
Incredible Infant publisher spotlight
Incredible Infant author publisher spotlight

Current Picture

Heather has tried several site monetization options, but decided to use Sovrn as her only display advertising monetization partner for Incredible Infant right now. Heather notes, “I use Google Ad Sense on another site, but I didn’t like the way it looked on Incredible Infant. I think it lends legitimacy to my site to see big brands advertising on Incredible Infant. Plus, I really like sovrn’s personal touch.” Besides display advertising, Heather works with several affiliate partners and also markets her products, a milestone marker eBook and a napping know-how webinar, directly from her site.

Advice for New Bloggers

When it comes to helping bloggers get started, Heather advises, “Set small goals and ignore everything else. Don’t get overwhelmed. Be very focused — and stay on topic. It’s also very helpful to have a mentor.”

Audience Snapshot

Incredible Infant has built a loyal following of nearly 250,000 unique readers per month, mostly from North America, with both moms and dads (mostly between the ages of 18-49) frequenting the site daily. Incredible infant also receives a healthy dose of referral traffic from related sites.

Social Snapshot

Heather has a regular newsletter subscriber base of almost 2,500 readers. She says that Pinterest is incredibly useful for driving traffic to her site and Facebook really creates opportunities for engagement. She has more than 5,600 followers on Pinterest and Twitter with over 2,500 likes on Facebook. Be sure to enter your cutie pie in her weekly Incredible Infant “Cuteness of the Week” contest. (The winner is announced every Monday.)
Thanks for the Publisher Spotlight, Heather! – sovrn

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