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Publisher Spotlight: Naturally Ella

sovrnmarketing // June 9, 2014

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Erin Alderson began blogging in 2007 and has since come to own and operate a very successful food blog called Erin’s love for food has grown into a desire to help her followers learn new ways to make and prepare food with niche recipes and unique cooking methods. Thanks for sharing, Erin!
Naturally Ella publisher spotlight

Current Picture

My blog has always been about going with the flow. I started in 2007 on a complete whim and while the first few years were off and on, it’s always been a place that I could have fun and experiment. I’ve never wanted to be a “full-time” blogger and use the site as more of a portfolio to get other work like recipe developer and photography for brands and publications (and it was only a year ago that I decided to start working for myself!) However, I do have some new series and videos I’ll hopefully be adding this summer. More than anything, I want to keep the site running as an inspiration for those wanting to eat just slightly better and explore options over the processed foods sold in stores.

Advice for new bloggers

“It’s fairly simple: don’t be afraid to start and be yourself.”

On top of running the website, I co-run a web design company that works with small businesses and bloggers. More often than not, I hear from the bloggers that they hadn’t started before because they were waiting. For what? The perfect layout, the best content, you name it — I’ve heard it. Blogging has such a low barrier to entry that it’s pretty easy to start! Also, don’t always let others influence what you put on your blog — originality and creativity will take you far.

Audience Snapshot

It’s constantly growing, but for the last 6 months I’ve seen monthly averages around:
Visitors: 220,000
Uniques: 155,000
Page Views: 435,000
My audience is roughly 92% female with 65% of the market in the US and 60% between the ages of 25-44.

Social Snapshot

Social media is a weakness of mine, as in, I don’t pay enough attention to it. I sit at around 35,000 followers across Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus. Sharing and interacting more is on the agenda for the upcoming months but I slightly foolishly thought it was a good idea to launch one cookbook while trying to finish another — time is a bit limited!
My brand across all platforms is highly visual which leads me to use Pinterest and Instagram more than anything — I love to share beautiful images.

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