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Publisher Spotlight: An Interview with The Broke-Ass Bride

sovrnmarketing // March 18, 2010

The Broke-Ass Bride Interview

The Broke-Ass Bride Interview

We first met The Broke-Ass Bride and her adorable partner in crime, The Fresh Hubby, last year at Blog World. They were leisurely strolling the Expo floor and were really excited once they found out what Lijit could do for their blog. As a newlywed myself at the time, I thought the idea behind their blog was brilliant and admired their obvious love for one another. Not to mention the fact that the Bride can rock a retro look with the best of them AND the Hubby has hair that’s to die for. How could we not feature them on our blog?
Whether you’re currently planning your wedding or are simply looking for romantic money-saving tips, The Broke-Ass Bride provides much inspiration on both fronts. Dana (the actual broke-ass bride) offers tips on how to be a better negotiator, how to decorate on a budget, and, of course, easy ideas for saving money before the big day. Let’s see what else Dana has to say…

How long have you been blogging and why did you start?
Since April of 2008 – I started for a couple of reasons:

  1. I was a creatively starved out-of-work actor and needed some creative outlet that I could be in charge of (unlike acting -in which we have very little control over our careers). I’ve always loved writing and thought this would be a fun place to exercise finding my voice and exploring another way of creatively expressing myself.
  2. I was newly engaged and completely overwhelmed by the whole process, but especially miffed by the average costs associated with weddings.
  3. I was obsessed with wedding blogs. Like crazypants obsessed. So I started my own.

Although your blog name might make it obvious, what is the mission of The Broke-Ass Bride?
I know it seems obvious, and in way it is, but its also not. By this I mean yes, it started as a chronicle of my journey toward the aisle with very little money. Yes, we provide lots of budget-related content about weddings. But we mostly focus on inspiration, ideas and advice to couples of all budgets on how to spend wisely and throw an authentically personalized and fun wedding – because (as we like to say) its not about how much you spend, its how you spend it! But I also write a lot about my journey to create the life of my dreams, so honestly, I like to think of our mission more as inspiring and empowering people to turn life’s challenges into opportunities…be it in weddings, careers, health or life!
Both you and your new husband (aka The Fresh Hubby) post on the blog. What are the benefits and challenges of this set-up?
It rocks! I love having him be a part of it because it brings a male perspective to the whole thing, which is rare in the wedding world…and he’s not all football and beer all the time. He’s got a really fun, unique and caring voice that both men and women really enjoy. So it diversifies our audience and helps people to understand me better, because they get a sense of us as a couple. He also lightens my load – being a solo blogger can get overwhelming, but he’s there to share the burdens and the joys with me. It helps him understand why I love it, and now, he’s totally hooked! The challenges? I don’t know…maybe that he gets annoyed when I correct his spelling or tell him a joke doesn’t work? 🙂 Honestly, the pros far outweigh the cons so much that I can’t even name one!
What are some of your favorite wedding hacks that you can share with future (penny-pinching) brides?
Negotiation is key! Don’t be scared to speak up and haggle. Most brides and grooms accept asking price as final price far too often. But, be respectful. I approach it as a partnership – why should this person offer me a discount? What do I have to offer in return? Which leads me to…barter. I did office work and fabric cutting for my wedding dress designer to earn a 1/2 price discount. I traded marketing advising with a personal trainer so that I’d fit into and rock that dress. I bartered a lot, because in this economy, vendors often need support but can’t necessarily afford full-time employees. It’s mutually beneficial, and has the added bonus that you make friends with the people making your wedding happen. It’s not a right fit for every bride or every vendor. But when it works, its like budget slashing magic goodness! I co-opted a ton of our wedding items with other brides who shared my taste, saving thousands.
How has Lijit helped to make you a better blogger?
I love how it helps me track the searches, know what’s popular and what content is most in demand for my readers. It’s a lifesaver!
We think that Dana’s upbeat and original approach to wedding blogging makes her a lifesaver for many anxious brides as well. If you’re in the midst of planning your nuptials, be sure to check out The Broke-Ass Bride and follow her on Twitter. With so much useful information in one place, you really can’t go wrong!

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