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Q1 Advertising: Brands Reset Their Spend in January

sovrnmarketing // December 15, 2013

Advertising Spend

If you are a publisher that monetizes your site via display advertising, it is likely that you will see a large increase in performance as Q4 comes to a close. Advertisers that spent conservatively throughout the year often start to spend at record rates around the holidays to funnel whatever is left of their annual budget to reach their target audience as the year comes to a close. As Q4 comes to a close, ensure you are taking advantage of the increase in ad spend by taking the following into consideration:

  • Adding additional ad zones for the remainder of Q4 will increase overall revenue.
  • Are you mobile optimized? Make sure you are utilizing mobile ads to complement your existing advertising strategy.
  • Do you currently create or curate video content? This is a great time to explore monetizing with video pre-roll ads.

However as with every January, Q1 advertising will dip while brands reset their annual budgets and will review the previous year’s performance. This means that once again, advertisers become frugal with their ad spend as they reassess how they want to move forward. Historically, the first two weeks of Q1 can be the lowest performing weeks of the year. That’s why it’s critical to make the most of your monetization efforts by layering in the multiple solutions above into your planning process in Q1 2014 to offset this rush next year…

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