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Q1 Strategies to Consider for Programmatic Advertising

sovrnmarketing // January 2, 2014

Programmatic Advertising

Historically, when Q4 and the holiday season come to an end, brands pull back on their programmatic advertising dollars as Q1 and the New Year commence. We expect this year to be no different and want to take this opportunity to remind our publishers that it is normal to initially see lower fill rates and CPMs than what you saw in Q4. As advertising spend ramps back up, take some time to explore different ways to expand your advertising strategy and grow your readership. Below are some suggestions:

  • Re-evaluate your floor prices Dropping your price floor can allow more demand partners to bid on your inventory, which can positively affect your revenue stream.
  • Explore different ad units These formats include video, mobile, and rich media.
  • Boost website perceptibility SEO (search engine optimization) is essential for increasing your website ranking. Check out these tips.
  • Consider a site redesign A site redesign can be very beneficial for many reasons. While a site redesign can be a great way to house new ad formats, it is also an opportunity to increase visibility and make your website more appealing to your readers.
  • Explore A/B testing This strategy can be used to gain insight into the behavior of your site’s visitors and increase conversion rates.

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