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Sovrn Publisher Spotlight: Honest Slogans

sovrnmarketing // September 2, 2014

Publisher Spotlight

Current Picture

Honest Slogans has been making the rounds on media outlets as of late. I create new ones weekly, and there have been numerous articles and write-ups about my work from Today Show Australia to The Huffington Post. The great thing about the site is how relatable and engaging it is to a vast amount of people. Everybody has personal experiences with multiple brands, so it would be hard to find someone that can’t relate to at least a few of the products that I have given the ‘honest treatment’. I have spoken with some people in marketing professions about the potential of Honest Slogans becoming a new platform for transparency in advertising, so there’s a lot of exciting potential growth in the foreseeable future.

Advice for New Bloggers

It sounds cliche, but my advice is to be truly passionate about what you do. The rest will follow. Don’t create solely for the sake of it being seen. If you try too hard to pander to an audience with what you think they like rather than what you like, it will show. Just have fun! I started Honest Slogans with absolutely no assumptions that it would ever be seen by more than just myself and a few friends. I’m fortunate and lucky that it is now getting international recognition, but it is still just me having fun with brands and their honest perception to people. It’s also very easy to make excuses for being too busy or overwhelmed with other things in life. Just remember: There will always be an excuse not to do something. Charles Bukowski has a beautifully-succinct poem about this called Air and Light and Time and Space that can be seen here. I recommend printing this out and hanging it above your desk (or whatever space you use for your work).

Audience Snapshot

The site’s traffic does fluctuate quite a bit, depending on the coverage it may be getting on other platforms. There are 493,000 pageviews monthly, with spikes in site traffic when media outlets feature Honest Slogans on their sites. For example, The Daily Mail ran an article about my website in July, so the viewership shot up to a substantial rate. There were over 120,000 pageviews on the day The Huffington Post ran its first article about the site, giving Honest Slogans an exposure of well over 3 million pageviews since its inception.

Social Snapshot

Honest Slogans has over 122,000 followers on Tumblr, 1800 on Instagram, just under 1000 on Twitter and over 3000 Likes on Facebook. Although these numbers aren’t very considerable, there have been millions of Clif’s Honest Slogans posted via social media. He has been featured in The Huffington Post, BusinessInsider, AdWeek, BuzzFeed, Today Show Australia, as well as many other blogs and social media networks.

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