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Sovrn Services Will Help Publishers Increase Yields, Optimize Revenue

Sovrn Publisher Advocate // January 2, 2018

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Whether focused on the local music scene, advice for mindful parenting, the latest football stats or pro tips for home bakers, Sovrn publishers stand out for their distinct voices and passionate readers. This makes their content uniquely focused and their inventory highly valuable to buyers.

However, achieving and maintaining that value can be challenging. Juggling revenue partners on an ad-hoc basis historically provided short-term spikes, which often quickly level off. That why in 2018, many publishers are looking to design their ad stacks to support a more sustainable strategy for long-term revenue growth.

To do this, publishers’ ad operations task lists are numerous and complex. Creating an effective strategy to manage this takes a significant investment of time and energy — not to mention the financial cost. Many publishers would benefit, too, from outside expertise to help build and execute this strategy, but they often don’t have it readily available.

This is where Sovrn Services comes in! In the spirit of helping publishers do more of what they love (and less of what they don’t), we developed a full suite of managed ad ops and optimization services to help our publisher partners solve strategic issues and grow their business.

Sovrn Services offers publishers access to our wide range of tools and exceptional pool of talent to help run their ad ops more efficiently and profitably. We’ve started with our Yield and Optimization Service, a high-touch, transparent, platform-agnostic solution that’s designed to help publishers overcome business challenges to achieve both short and long-term goals.

Our new Yield and Optimization Service includes:

  • A current-state inventory and revenue assessment across all demand partners
  • A comprehensive action plan for increasing yield across the first 30, 60 and 90 days
  • Monthly and quarterly performance reviews to track progress and adjust tactics
  • Dedicated ad ops and DFP management, including testing new line items
  • Consolidated weekly reporting with actionable insights for increased monetization
  • Suggestions for new products, inventory units and strategies
  • Ongoing troubleshooting and technical support.

Email to learn more about the value and benefits of this new service and our easy, competitive and transparent revenue-share model. Our team of ad-tech experts can manage and help increase your yield, so you can focus on generating engaging content and growing your audience.

NOTE: I’m eager to talk face-to-face with publishers to learn how Sovrn Services can help make 2018 a successful year. From Jan. 8 to Jan. 10 I’ll be at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, so if you’re attending please email me ( and let’s meet up!

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