Sovrn Traffic: The Analytics Platform More CPM-Savvy Than Google Analytics

sovrnmarketing // December 16, 2015

Sovrn Traffic: The CPM-savvy Analytics Suite

Call us ambitious, but Sovrn Traffic, our new traffic analytics suite, is in many ways more robust than Google Analytics for incoming ad traffic.

This is because Sovrn Traffic helps you understand your traffic not just by volume, but by value. Our analytics dive into exactly how much your traffic is worth to you in terms of both CPM and fill rate.

Here’s how it works. First, Sovrn Traffic analyzes which search engines are sending traffic to your site. It measures when the users are coming to your site, as well as the number of ad requests they garner.

Sovrn Traffic

It then takes a look at which social media platforms are sending you the most traffic, also breaking down how many requests they send.
Sovrn Traffic

Next Sovrn Traffic calculates both “Other Site” traffic, or referral traffic, and “Within site” traffic. “Within site” traffic is movement from page to page – in Google it’s called page performance. It essentially measures which of your posts are most popular.

Sovrn Traffic

Sovrn Traffic
Finally Sovrn Traffic aggregates all referral traffic and calculates which referral source is most profitable. In the case of the example site, “Social Traffic” earns the most revenue overall, but “Other Site Traffic” garners the highest CPMs.

Sovrn Traffic

As a recap, there are five tabs within the traffic tab, all that help you understand your traffic better. Here is a breakdown of how each of them work:

  • View All Traffic – an overview of how much traffic you’re seeing
  • Within Site Traffic – which posts and pages are most popular, and when
  • Other Site Traffic – a percentage breakdown of which sites your site is sending traffic
  • Social Traffic – a breakdown of which social platforms are sending the most traffic (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Search Traffic – determines which search engines are sending the most traffic (i.e. Google, Yahoo!, bing, etc.) Measures the amount of requests as well as the percentage of coming from which engine, and gives you a month to month overview, identifying any spikes or dips.

Like all of Sovrn’s analytics, Sovrn Traffic allows you very precise time breakouts. These include today, yesterday, the last seven days, the last 30 days and custom. Sovrn Traffic also includes a breakout of desktop v. mobile traffic.

One important thing to note. Sovrn Traffic can only pull traffic data we tags are placed directly on the page, not in an ad server. So keep that in mind when installing our tags!

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