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With the introduction of GDPR on May 25th, many publishers are concerned that they will lose out on revenue due to the size of their targetable user pool shrinking. With this in mind, Sovrn is arming publishers with an easy solution: Viewable Engagement Time (VET).

Sovrn’s VET technology leverages viewability & engagement to reload existing ad units. This technology does not gather any personal information other than what is already being collected through existing ad tags on the page.  Therefore, VET creates new, unique inventory without making any changes to a publisher’s setup.

Also, with more of a focus on context based buying, the Sovrn VET product suite is well positioned to help solve problems faced by content owners in a post-GDPR world.

Sovrn VET uniquely positions a publisher to maximize their standard display revenue yield at a time when high quality, contextually relevant inventory is in short supply, and likely sold at a premium.

Not only is VET a great option to offset lost revenue due to GDPR, it has many other benefits.

  • Strong focus on user interaction. By integrating the VET tech, an ad will reload when it is 100% or more in-view AND there are high levels of engagement around that placement.
  • Creates new, unique inventory. Across premium publishers, VET has led to an average growth in impressions of up 25% resulting in revenue uplifts of 20%.
  • Additive revenue. This is Sovrn’s proactive solution to help publishers gain incremental additive revenue, not affecting your existing setup.
  • Easy to implement. VET products are all implemented through one line of code called OneTag. Sovrn’s support staff is always available to help with implementation.

Start benefiting from additional revenue today!


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