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The Summer Essentials: Refreshing Recipes, DIY Project Ideas and Plenty of Tunes to Go Around

sovrnmarketing // July 18, 2014

summer cocktail

Summer is in full effect here in Boulder, CO. Climbers are climbing, yogis are yoga-ing, runners are running, barbequers are barbecuing — everyone is doing something! In addition to all the physical activities, I’ve been trying my hand at new recipes (both food & drink), DIY projects and listening to as much new music as possible. Luckily for me, some of our favorite publishers specialize in all of these different categories! Take a look!
Can’t decide what movie you want to see this weekend? Check out MovieInsider for trailers, news and recommendations.
I’m not sure why the most useless and random information tends to be the most entertaining. But if you want to know things like “Who invented the sporting wave”, head over to TodayIFoundOut
Electronic Dance Music is pumped out so fast you would think it’s made by computers (haha get it?) Lame jokes aside, to stay up to date on what’s going on in the world of electronica, visit ThatDrop for everything from festival pictures and information to the newest songs.
Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco. What more do you want?
Looking for some help with your upcoming DIY home project? Ana-White can help. You can use the search filters to find the exact plans you’re looking for. Start building today!
Are you in the tech industry? Me too! Are you looking for some cool startups/events to attend that are relevant to your industry? Tech Cocktail is a media company that connects startup communities across the country.
My girlfriend and I just learned how to properly poach an egg. Not going to lie, I’m not the biggest fan of putting my egg in nearly boiling water, but it works. Anyway, we’ve been on an egg kick lately and I think you should be too! Pinch of Yum recently introduced a simple poached egg and avocado bread recipe that we’ve been eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner (well, I have. Katie eats normal food for dinner).

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