Tapping the Attention Economy (Webinar)

Sovrn Advertising Team // July 19, 2022

Advertisers and publishers are facing significant future headwinds stemming from the looming loss of third-party cookies, increased privacy regulations, and continued dependence on monopolistic walled gardens. In fact, the IAB’s most recent State of Data report suggests advertisers could lose up to $10 billion in annual revenue while, according to Google, publishers face revenue declines of up to 70%.

Attention is a critical piece of the industry flywheel that publishers can optimize for, now. 

The question is, how?

Last week, Sovrn hosted a webinar, “Tapping the Attention Economy,” to discuss the on-trend topic and opportunities to better define, measure, and optimize for it.

A lively discussion, the conversation covered:

  • How to deliver to buyers clear attention signals that result in high-attention campaigns that use less impressions
  • How to use attention—and “Engaged Time”—as a metric to understand and communicate value to buyers
  • How to deliver attention at scale, today and tomorrow, with Sovrn Signal

The good news? The panel agreed the broader ecosystem is at a pivotal moment, offering an opportunity for both advertisers and publishers to work together to unlock new solutions.

Get started today!

Sovrn Signal offers publishers a simple, scalable way to measure user attention, analyze ad performance, and access deep insights to maximize the value of your ad inventory. It’s easy to get started with Signal, and a single fee gives you access to all its features and dashboards.

To learn more, visit the Signal page on our website or send an email to sales@sovrn.com. Our team would be happy to provide a demo, so you can see the power of Signal for yourself.

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